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Animals in Control is a joint venture by Peggy Hogan (The Best Whisper Is A Click) and Eva Bertilsson & Emelie Johnson Vegh (Carpe Momentum). In 2015 we got together discussing our shared passion for using positive reinforcement training skills to provide control to our non-human team members, in training sessions as well as in life in general. From these discussions our presentation “Animals In Control” was born, and fledged at Clicker Expo in January 2016. This site adds to the Animals In Control project through gathering our resources in one place. We are glad you have found it!

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//Peggy, Eva & Emelie

Join us at Clicker Expo

Ever since our first Animals In Control presentation at Clicker Expo 2015, there have been several presentations on startbutton related topics each year. Of course that was true also this year! 2021 Clicker Expo recordings will be available for sale shortly. And, stay tuned to see what Eva, Emelie and Peggy will have on their programs in 2022!

E&E webinar Noise and Movement

E&E bring on their all time favorite training subject dating back to the 20th century... the origins of their startbutton work!


A webinar created may 2020, where we took a new route in to explain what start buttons are (and are not) - starting from our general view on life and behavior, on positive reinforcement, on introducing potentially aversive stimuli, and on the topic of control. All leading up to startbutton contingencies! We had a great group with fab questions - and in the recording you get access to it all!

Horse Eye Care Video Tutorial

In Peggy Hogans online store you can purchase a tutorial for eye care for your horse. Using startbutton behaviors, of course!


Did you know that there's a facebook group focused mainly on startbutton behavior? Welcome to join!

Free resources below – podcasts, blog posts and more!

Listen to Eva & Emelie discussing Start Button Behaviors on Hannah Branahan's podcast "Drinking from the Toilet": Are we training our dogs to merely tolerate events, distractions, or stressors in training, or are we actually changing their emotional state? How can we tell the difference since we can’t ask? Or can we…?
Blog post by Peggy, 2016. The whole process of creating a Start Button for moving forward is an exciting concept. Giving horses the opportunity to express their choice in these situations has created even more safe and calm behaviors in my horses and the horses I work with.
Eva on Ryan Cartlidge's Animal Training Academy Podcast - chatting about animal training flow-charts, choice/control and more! Especially listen from 54:00 - 1.15.00, where Eva & Ryan discuss the importance of choice and control!
Blog post by Eva, 2012. A mand is the most basic type of verbal behavior. When manding, the behavior specifies the reinforcer – in other word, what reinforces the mand is that you get what you ask for.
Peggy on Ryan Cartlidge's Animal Training Academy Podcast - discussing horses, clicker training, shaping, startbuttons and more!
Blog post by Eva, 2015, about communication training, requests, choice, yes/no, start button behaviors et c.
Eva samtalar med Gurgin på Hundpodden Vår Bästa Vän! Våra hundar får stå ut med mycket! Päls ska vårdas, dom blir fasthållna av främmande personer på märkliga platser som ska undersöka dom, klor ska klippas och tänder borstas. Men tänk om hunden själv fick styra över kloklippning och tandborstning? Tänk om allt det här kunde vara en kul aktivering istället för en besvärlig stund? Tänk om man kunde göra ett nödvändigt ont till ett samarbete?
Podd Hälsans Hundar. Eva intervjuas efter en dag med föreläsning och workshop "Animals In Control" på Svenska Terapihundskolan.